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About Green Tech Hub

Providing State-of-the-Art Solar Power Systems for Homes in the Midlands

Green Tech Hub is a friendly, customer-focused renewable energy company based in Birmingham, UK. It is our mission to provide you with a service that supports you with intelligently investing in your future energy needs and maximises the return on your investment. To achieve this, we ensure that all of our staff come from a technical background with extensive industry experience of all the green technologies we install. We also say, with pride, that we do not employ sales personnel, meaning we can keep our prices down for you.

At Green Tech Hub, our number-one priority is to provide our customers with exceptional customer service that is honest and precise. The best way to achieve this is to have the right team in place, whose priorities fall in line with those of our customers. In doing this, we do not employ sales representatives – only proven technical experts from within the industry.

All of our staff, from the directors through to administrative personnel, have technical training and knowledge, ensuring our customers always receive the correct advice. Our goal is not just to install green energy saving technologies but to also develop a long-term relationship with each customer.

Our Objective

Green Tech Hub is not linked to any brand, therefore our choice of equipment is based purely on quality, price, performance, and how suitable it is for your property. To ensure our customers receive the finest installations available, our product developers are always looking out for the latest and best technologies. For your peace of mind, our design team will always justify why specific equipment has been used and detail the benefits.

Bespoke Solutions

We do not use off-the shelf solutions; all of our decisions and designs are tailored to your home, lifestyle, and aspirations. Whether your project is small or large, our solutions will be specific to you. This allows us to maximise the quality and performance of the technology and meet all your expectations.

Our Ethos

We are proud to say that we do not employ any sales staff. This is due to the complex nature and ever-changing landscape of smart home technologies. It is important for our staff to be technically minded experts, as it allows them to offer clients a face-to-face contact who is an expert in the field and understands every piece of technology inside out.

Quality Control

We use bespoke project management software to assist in the accurate design and performance projections of all the equipment we use. This software, combined with the expertise of the qualified and trained technicians on our design team, means we can ensure exceptional quality with every project.


We work and co-ordinate with you throughout the whole process, from beginning to end. We ensure that you are kept up to date with progress on a regular basis so that you are fully aware of what is happening at every stage.